Django Evolution 2.2

Release date: October 3, 2022

New Features

  • Added support for Django 3.2 through 4.1.

    This includes full support for django.db.models.Index, and compatibility with database backend changes made in these versions.

  • Added support for changing a field’s type in ChangeField.

    This can be done by passing in the new field class to field_type=....

  • Added a new settings.DJANGO_EVOLUTION setting.

    This is in the form of:

            '<app_label>': ['<evolution_module>', ...],
        'ENABLED': <bool>,

    This replaces settings.CUSTOM_EVOLUTIONS and settings.DJANGO_EVOLUTION_ENABLED, both of which are now deprecated and will emit deprecation warnings.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed generating SQL to execute while in a transaction on Django 2.0+.


  • Fixed ordering issues when dropping and re-creating indexes when changing db_index and unique states.

  • Fixed deferring constraints and indexes when injecting new models into the database.

    The constraints and indexes were being added too soon, which could cause problems when applying more complicated batches of evolution.

  • Fixed issues with setting non-string initial data from a callable.

  • Fixed attempting to temporarily remove indexes and constraints that reference models not yet injected into the database.

  • Fixed edge cases with the tracking of standard vs. unique indexes in database state on Django 1.6.


  • Fixed bad attempts at applying defaults to certain field types.

    Django Evolution will no longer apply a default on text, blob, json, and all short/medium/long variations of those.

Python Compatibiltiy

  • Fixed an unintended deprecation warning with the collections module when running on Python 3.10.


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge