Django Evolution 2.1.3

Release date: January 25, 2022

Compatibility Changes

  • Patched compatibility between modern versions of mysqlclient and Django <= 1.11.

    Django, up through 1.11, attempted to access a bytes key in an internal mapping on the database connection handle supplied by mysqlclient. This wasn’t intended to be present, and was due to a Python 2/3 compatibility issue.

    They worked around this for a while, but dropped that support in the recent 2.1 release. To maintain compatibility, Django Evolution now patches Django’s own copy of the mapping table to restore the right behavior.

  • Patched Python 3.10+’s collections module to include legacy imports when using Django 2.0 or older.

    Django 2.0 and older made use of some imports that no longer exist on Python 3.10. Django Evolution will now bring back this support when running this combination of versions of Django.

Bug Fixes

  • During upgrade, evolutions are no longer applied to newly-added models.

  • Fixed comparison issues between unique_together state from very old databases and newer evolutions.

    This could lead to issues applying evolutions that only supply a unique_together baseline, or that differ in terms of using tuples or lists.

  • Fixed an edge case where the django_evolution app could be loaded too early when setting up a new database, causing crashes.

  • Updated to avoid using some deprecated Python and Django functionality.

    We had some imports and function calls that were emitting deprecation warnings, depending on the versions of Python and Django. Code has been update to use modern imports and calls where possible,


  • Christian Hammond

  • David Trowbridge