Django Evolution 0.7.5

Release date: April 13, 2015

Bug Fixes

  • Mutations on fields with the same name across different models no longer results in conflicts.

    With the new optimizer in Django Evolution 0.7, it was possible for mutations to be incorrectly optimized out if, for example, a field was added in one model and then later changed in another model, if both fields had the same name. This was due to the way in which we mapped mutations, and would result in an error in the validation stage before attempting any database modifications. There are no longer any conflicts between same-named field.

  • Indexes are no longer created/deleted unnecessarily.

    If setting an index for a field, and it already exists in the database, there’s no longer an attempt at creating it. Likewise, there’s no longer an attempt at deleting an index that does not exist.


  • Christian Hammond