Django Evolution 0.7 Beta 1

Release date: January 14, 2014


  • Fixed the unit tests module being accidentally bundled with the package. (Bug #134)

  • Fixed the missing NEWS file in the releases. (Bug #130)

Compatibility Changes

  • Added compatibility with Django 1.5 (Bug #136).

  • Dropped compatibility for versions of Django prior to 1.4.10.

New Features

  • Added better support for dealing with indexes in the database.

    Django changed how index names were generated over time, leading to issues when evolving old databases. We now scan the database prior to evolution, gather the indexes, and look them up based on field data dynamically, guaranteeing we find the correct index.

    It’s also more resilient now when using custom indexes placed by an administrator.

  • Added support for evolving unique_together and index_together fields.

    unique_together was previously stored, but ignored, meaning that changes to a unique_together would not ever apply to an existing database.

    index_together, on the other hand, is new in Django 1.5, and was never even stored.

    There’s now a ChangeMeta mutation that allows for changing unique_together and index_together.

    Models making use of unique_together or index_together will have to supply evolutions defining the current, correct values. These will appear when running evolve --hint.

  • Optimized the SQL before altering the database.

    Mutations are now pre-processed and their output post-processed in order to reduce the number of table-altering mutations. This should massively reduce the amount of time it takes to update a database, particularly when there are multiple AddField, ChangeField, or DeleteField mutations on a single table.

    This is the biggest change in this release, and while it’s been tested on some large sets of mutations, there may be regressions. Please report any issues you find.

    Custom field mutation classes will need to be updated to work with these changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a number of issues with constraints on different databases. (Bug #127)

  • Fixed an invalid variable reference when loading SQL evolution files. (Bug #121)

  • SQL evolution files no longer break if there are blank lines. (Bug #111)

  • Booleans are now normalized correctly when saving in the database. (Bug #125)

    Previously, invalid boolean values would be used, causing what should have been a “false” value to be “true”.


  • The evolve command no longer recommends running evolve --hint --execute, which can easily cause unwanted problems.


  • Added easier unit testing for multiple database types.

    The ./tests/ script now takes a database type as an argument. The tests will be run against that type of database.

    To make use of this, copy to and fill in the necessary data.

  • Fixed all the known unit test failures.

  • Rewrote the test suite for better reporting and maintainability.


  • Christian Hammond