Django Evolution 0.6.6

Release date: April 1, 2012

New Features

  • Generate more accurate sample evolutions.

    The sample evolutions generated with evolve --hint should now properly take into account import paths for third-party database modules. Prior to this, such an evolution had to be modified by hand to work.

  • Generate PEP-8-compliant sample evolutions.

    The evolutions are now generated according to the standards of PEP-8. This mainly influences blank lines around imports and the grouping of imports.

  • Support Django 1.4’s timezone awareness in the Version model.

    The Version model was generating runtime warnings when creating an instance of the model under Django 1.4, due to using a naive (non-timezone-aware) datetime. We now try to use Django’s functionality for this, and fall back on the older methods for older versions of Django.


  • Christian Hammond