Django Evolution 0.6.4

Release date: June 22, 2011

New Features

  • Install a baseline evolution history for any new apps.

    When upgrading an older database using Django Evolution when a new model has been added and subsequent evolutions were made on that model, the upgrade would fail. It would attempt to apply those evolutions on that model, which, being newly created, would already have those new field changes.

    Now, like with an initial database, we install a baseline evolution history for any new apps. This will ensure that those evolutions aren’t applied to the models in that app.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed compatibility with Django SVN in the unit tests.

    In Django SVN r16053, get_model() and get_models() only return installed modules by default. This is calculated in part by a new AppCache.app_labels dictionary, along with an existing AppCache.app_store, neither of which we properly populated.

    We now set both of these (though, app_labels only on versions of Django that have it). This allows the unit tests to pass, both with older versions of Django and Django SVN.


  • Christian Hammond