Django Evolution 0.6.3

Release date: May 9, 2011

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multi-database support with different database backends.

    The multi-database support only worked when the database backends matched. Now it should work with different types. The unit tests have been verified to work now with different types of databases.

  • Fixed a breaking with PostgreSQL when adding non-null columns with default values. (Bugs #58 and #74)

    Adding new columns that are non-null and have a default value would break with PostgreSQL when the table otherwise had data in it. The SQL for adding a column is an ALTER TABLE followed by an UPDATE to set all existing records to have the new default value. PostgreSQL, however, doesn’t allow this within the same transaction.

    Now we use two ALTER TABLEs. The first adds the column with a default value, which should affect existing records. The second drops the default. This should ensure that the tables have the data we expect while at the same time keeping the field attributes the same as what Django would generate.


  • Christian Hammond